I’m really horny.

Hey its me :D

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si3jkdsfjew1-deactivated2014031 asked: Alynai, where have you been all my life <3 You need to come on Tumblr more. Do you have Facebook? How's it going sweetheart?

I do not have a facebook because I used to get harassed on facebook but I’m doing good now! I’ve been so stressed with work, I hate the christmas season, but I’m back! :D

So while I was gone

I few weeks ago I got really drunk at a friend’s 21st birthday and I ended up having sex with one of her roommates.

Now I don’t normally drink OR have one night stands but I did and then a week later…my period didn’t come.

So yeah in the last few weeks I had a pregnancy scare, which wasn’t really a scare because I wouldn’t mind getting pregnant but you know what I mean

I went to the doctors though and they said everything was okay and that I was just late because of all the stress I’ve been having, according to them I haven’t even being ovulation so my period will probably start in a few days.

I’m not sure where I was going with this but yeah

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